British Fetish Film Festival 2016

27th & 28th February 2016

Welshpool, Powys, Wales


Full events details: CLICK HERE

The British Fetish Film Festival is a showcase for the latest developments in fetish film making.

The digital revolution has democratised cinema, making it possible to create breathtaking moving images with no more than a cool idea, a dSLR and a few lights.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the area of fetish film making. With a few honourable exceptions (hello, Secretary!) fetishes and alternative sexual identities have not been tackled by mainstream film-makers.

Enthusiastic fetishists like us got fed up with this lack of interest and starting making their own films, funded by website sales.

That's awesome, but sometimes showing movies on the web can be like broadcasting into the void.

Nothing beats seeing your film on a large screen with a sympathetic audience.

Inspired by a showing of films from the Kiel Fetish Film Festival, Hywel Phillips and Ariel Anderssen decided to run our own.

Hence, the British Fetish Film Festival.

Latest News

Dave Simpson, R.I.P.

Today I heard that fellow UK bondage producer Dave Simpson recently took his own life because of the collapse of his business due to piracy. Rob from Rope dreams posted:

This message from one of his models was posted on a forum: "I was a close,close friend of Dave Simpson for several years. He was responsible for me being introduced to the wonderful world of bondage. Last year we lost touch, He drifted away from me and fell into a state of utter despair as a result of seeing his website business destroyed by the whole nature of the internet stealing everything he'd worked on. In the last months of knowing him I saw him slowly being torn apart by the thieves who thought it was OK to ruin his hard work. Last week I got a call from his sister who told me he had taken his own life. "

Nobody goes into the business of producing kink niche erotica for the money; any serious business-person would look at the potential market and go straight into mainstream porn instead. So you can guarantee that anyone running a little bondage website is doing it because it is their passion and their love. And that they are doing it as a tiny cottage industry on razor-thin margins. If there ever were days when bondage websites raked in millions, they're VERY long gone.

The world has changed in the 15-ish years since Dave Simpson started his sites (and I started mine). Censorship is certainly a threat, but the threat of endless fucking piracy in one we've just had to get used to. As I posted recently in my cupcake analogy, stealing porn isn't a victimless crime. And nor is watching stolen porn. If you like it, pay your fair share to the people who created it, so they can make some more.

So thank you again to everyone who has been kind enough to support the community of small cottage industries across the world that is the online bondage community. It is you, the honest people who have made it all possible.

And the pirates? You can fuck right off. R.I.P Dave Simpson.


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Posted on 13 March 2016 | 11:55 am

ATVOD, OFCOM and UK censorship: Myles Jackman at the British Fetish Film Festival

Myles Jackman (the UK’s foremost legal expert on matters of censorship, obscenity law and sexual freedom) has kindly agreed to come along to the British Fetish Film Festival!

He will be leading a session on Sunday morning and will talk about the recent abolition of ATVOD and the absorption of their role back into OFCOM (their parent regulator).

What does that mean for UK producers and film-makers? Myles will give us a talk and take questions at the festival.

There is still time to book, you can see the full program and sign up online right now:

We need to know number for catering THIS WEEK so don’t miss your chance to find out the latest developments!

Oh, and we’ll be having a great fun weekend shooting and editing a Bondage Film Noir fetish film together, and chilling out watching some great kinky films at the Festival too. Be entertained! Be informed! Be there! :-)

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Posted on 2 February 2016 | 4:01 am

It’s good to wonder

You've probably noticed some hand-wringing about the rights and wrongs of using real-world inspiration for our BDSM stories. I'm probably a bit hyper-sensitive at the moment, as the UK authorities have placed considerable restrictions on some aspects of BDSM art. If I'm going to stand up for my work, I want to make sure I feel that I am on defensible ground, morally. Here are a few more thoughts about that.

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Posted on 13 December 2015 | 6:58 am

Online registration for British Fetish Film Festival now open!

Hi Everyone!

Very excited to announce that online registration is now open for the British Fetish Film Festival! The event is being held on 27th & 28th February 2015 in Welshpool, Powys, Wales, UK.

CLICK HERE for full event details and online registration via PayPal.

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Posted on 27 November 2015 | 6:31 am

Tutorial Video Requests

Hi Everyone,

We've just started shooting a new round of tutorial videos, drop by on the forum thread to let us know of anything you'd particularly like us to see.

How to handle stills in post production, doing the colour correction and other tweaks that give shots the final polish is a very popular suggestion. I've just shot one on focal length choices and will do one of depth of field and aperture choices as well soon too.

Are there tutorials you'd like to see on the bondage, rigging or modelling sides?

What about the video side? Is there any interest in a video showing how and why we do the colour grading for our films? It's the same process as stills in some ways but the tools are rather different, would you like me to cover the basics of how I approach it in a tutorial video?

Cheers, Hywel & Ariel

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Posted on 12 November 2015 | 11:25 am